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 Mod Ideas

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Mod Ideas Empty
PostSubject: Mod Ideas   Mod Ideas EmptyWed Aug 21, 2013 5:39 am

With seeing how epic some of the moders are here I have a few Ideas of mods if a moder may like to make them

1. Clay solders mod

This is a mod for Minecraft and I love to see a port of it to this game It be so fun to fight with clay solder men and armys of clay men with there small wood buildings and types of units

Just by reading that mods post you will see there is a ton you can do with a creative mind to make a mod like it for this game

Some ideas are having small clay solders made by a man or the monarch the man can be just some normal dude or scientist or whatever you think may be cool maybe he can be steve from MC

The buildings can be a wood castle like in the CS mod for the advanced units a small wood building for the less advanced
a wood tent can be used to get mana
the units can be clay solder with logs above head as builder
clay solder with stick as swordsman
clay solder with gravel can be bowmen
clay solder on dirt horse
clay solder with ender pearl can make other groups members join you
clay solder with spots can be suicide bombers or just some type of bomber
clay solder with shear blades can be fast attackers with blades
Clay solders on flying horse can be a flying unit
clay solder on bunny acts like a tank more
clay solder on lizard what you think a lizard will do in this game basically that but owned by clay solder
Clay solder with fire ball or fire effect Flame solders throw fire balls
Redstone clay solder a red clay solder that throws red powder freezing the foes unit
Caped dimond solder acts like the titan of Aramon
Turtles used like a more powerful tank
Scent Masked solders can't be seen by other player till they attack the player at least once

They can also be made cheap and fast but also weak so to not upset the balance but add more strategic moves

That is just a idea and you can change how you like but the mod I think can be fun to have armys of small clay men having wars on here also it is just a idea for fun

Also a SCP mod be cool to but it be a bit more interesting and harder to keep balance

CreepyPasta mod be awesome also

And lastly a native american tribe mod for a native american group to play as

S.C.P Foundation Agent Mod Ideas Sei2ZBz
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Mod Ideas
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