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 The NewEra 4.2 mod has been Released!

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PostSubject: The NewEra 4.2 mod has been Released!   Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:55 pm

DOWNLOAD (24mb) -----> http://takuniverse.webs.com/apps/links/


1. Place all 3 NewEra folders in your kingdoms folder; click ok to replace.
2. Grab your NewEra4.2.hpi file from the mods folder, and place it in your Kingdoms folder.
3. Make sure to rename your kingdoms.key file to kingdoms.backup.key in your kingdoms folder.
4. Download the races music folder and place it in your kingdoms folder (optional but highly recommended)

***To play back the original game***, take your NewEra4.2.hpi file from your kingdoms folder back to your mods folder as a form of backup.

v4.2 Updates: http://kingdoms.heavenforum.org/t1149-newera-42-in-progress#10902

Thanks to:
Chris, Vaerun, Warped Mind, Clay, Manolo, Rachy, Arthan, Double, Hawk and many others in contribution to this project.

http://takuniverse.webs.com/ - TAK downloads
www.cristian-fuentealba.com - Graphic Design
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The NewEra 4.2 mod has been Released!
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