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 Can,t say a word!

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PostSubject: Can,t say a word!   Mon May 05, 2014 4:02 pm


angel3b wrote:
Ok here come once again me... with the voice of the wise and fair

Lord have to disagree with you this time. Landherr isnt that guy who you are thinking (maybe a bit but not exactly that one lol)

Everyone sees him as a...hmm idk bad names in english, but is that. Well i want mean he is just defending TA:K
Well what can i do if some ppl want play SC2, i respect them and they can have fun. Landherr in my opinion just tried to bring them back with some competition. Well i see he could play some games with capt and hate for example, thing that i could never do since they went to SC2. Thanks of him TA:k is alive, isnt a full lie, IMP also have some credits :p, but thing is, he is training ppl helping ppl, and playing with them more then anyone.
For example i have to agree with him when some ppl come start to talk, and what they do about TA:K?
you are not the case, many arent cuz everyone has a life, but and what about those who can play and keep talking and annoying here in forum?
Well what i have to say is, many can say anything about him but i will be in the side of the reason, and reason now says. Why no one complain it with savage when he post the same topic? (i didnt get pissed off but anyway) Isnt same thing Lord?
Because he provoque them? and you think they care? they dont even exist anymore

For me he is just someone that loves the same game then we do, or almost all of us. Dont be pissed off if someday he start bs to you, that is because he likes you lol

I say this nicely if looks like agressive, be sure it isnt ^^

Btw i want play with you too, where have you been?

Oh my god I even started crying(No joke)! Crying or Very sad 
Thx buds for the games we had(All of you suckers)  Very Happy 
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[K] Caesar


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PostSubject: Re: Can,t say a word!   Mon May 05, 2014 5:21 pm

That doesn't even make sense... So basically if you like the game you should trash everybody and insult them in order for them to be motivated and play more? That's BS. I'd rather not play than play with somebody that would then use all of that **** against me on a board. TAK is alive without Landherr and will remain alive without him.
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Can,t say a word!
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