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 NewEra 5.1 Has Been Released!

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NewEra 5.1 Has Been Released!  Empty
PostSubject: NewEra 5.1 Has Been Released!    NewEra 5.1 Has Been Released!  EmptyFri Aug 08, 2014 8:27 pm

DOWNLOAD -----> NewEra Mod

DOWNLOAD -----> NewEra Music

TO PLAY: Do not use the Tak Switcher along with any other 3rd party files

1. Backup the Sidedata file inside Defaults. The new Sidedata will allow the New Era music to play.

2. Place all 3 NewEra folders in your Kingdoms' folder.
3. COPY your NewEra.hpi file from the mods folder, and PASTE it in your Kingdoms' folder.

4. Make sure to rename your KINGDOMS.KEY file to KINGDOMS.BACKUP.KEY in your Kingdoms' folder.

To play back the original game, delete the NewEra.hpi file from your Kingdoms' folder. There is already a backup file in your mods folder.

Coming Updates: http://kingdoms.catsboard.com/t1346-newera-6-0-in-progress#14713

Thanks to:
Chris, Vaerun, Warped Mind, Clay, Manolo, Rachy, Arthan, Double, Hawk and many others in contribution to this project.

https://takuniverse.webs.com - TAK downloads
https://cris-media.com - Graphic Design
GameRanger ID: 4138935

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NewEra 5.1 Has Been Released!
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