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Feedback? Empty
PostSubject: Feedback?   Feedback? EmptyMon May 04, 2015 10:27 pm

Would anyone like to provide feedback to this mod?

What works and what doesn't.

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Lord chris

Lord chris

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Feedback? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feedback?   Feedback? EmptyMon May 25, 2015 4:35 am

hmm right now new era is quite balance you know me hmmm the only things that could use alittle more balance is hmm i cant think of anything right now the only thing that really needs fixing that i rember is limit the number of bone dragons cause those things could be endless spammed, also the anti air need more dmg or at-least some splash dmg. Add some custom races (illohir, undead, Delean, barakda, Cursed, Solaron, Fairy, demons, Order of light (i have the balance addon for it) and Ethia and i can help you with the balancing for them well all but illohir cause the creator pretty much done balanced them) but other than that the mod is pretty well balanced oh wait make the demi gods more powerful and not easy to kill also give them that explosion that the gods have also increased cost and production time, Arch angel needs an upgrade to her dmg cost and production time. Mummy needs slightly more dmg and probley more cost, Fallen angels need there dmg reduction at first lvl and have more dmg as they lvl up, give the Church like a healing aura because it feels kind of useless, Make the Wvynn riders a T2/T3 unit and increase there production time, dmg, health and slow there speed and increase there cost, increase the flys hit box cause they are pretty hard to hit.

Also the Anti air turrents need mre defence they are way to easy to destory i mean just buff up there defences a bit.

Also add some units that have some form of lifesteal units that should have it the shadow demon, berserker, barbarian. hmm i dont know what other units should have this.

give the mages like more abilities i know you can find away to add it but it would be cool if you could add that

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