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 Land of Darien 1.0 (Maps)

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PostSubject: Land of Darien 1.0 (Maps)   Thu May 28, 2015 10:24 am

Hey guys, I've found another relic of TA:K in the depths of Google, idk if someone had already found it, but I'll be sharing it with you.

Land of Darien 1.0, as I could see till now, it's a Map Pack including lots of old maps used to play MultiPlayer. In this Map Pack I could find maps which I didn't have in my 984 Maps Pack, I'll be including them there soon.

They are so older that you can find maps from old people like eZa, Axl Rose, CPR, and from old clans like 30 and =UA= (Unholy Alliance).

I would say it's a mess, but they are old maps, the original ones. Smile

How to install

- Download the Map Pack.
- Install the maps in (C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms\Maps).
- Play!


So, that's it!


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Land of Darien 1.0 (Maps)
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