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 FPS Performance Test

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FPS Performance Test Empty
PostSubject: FPS Performance Test   FPS Performance Test EmptyTue Apr 03, 2018 10:12 am

Hi guys just wanted to share some information I'll be testing today on Windows 10. I am experiencing performance problems with TA:K related to my FPS. It is too low for my computer, even older PCs run TA:K better while mine has better stats. So I'll make tests to see how I can improve my FPS. (I want more FPS so much)

My pc:

TA:K requirements: (xD)

The test: made tons of enclave with veruna (around 6) and made all them make warriors towards a rally point... Pic of the test:

It already started to lag with my default settings (20 fps). So let's start
My TA:K is using Direct3D render and all video options turned on. Resolution: 1440x900
I saw no difference by running in admin mode or not, but I'll be running it in my tests.

Here are my notes:

Compatibility Modes

From Windows 10 to:

Windows 95: 6 FPS.
Windows 98/ME: 6 FPS.
Notes: Buggy sound when clicking play the machine and max resolution is 1280x1024.

Windows XP SP2: 12 FPS.
Windows XP SP3: 14 FPS.

Vista: 13 FPS.
Vista SP1: 13 FPS.
Vista SP2: 13 FPS.
Notes: All Vista options froze the game.

Windows 7: 13 FPS.
Windows 8: 13 FPS.
Notes: Both froze the game;


Good news it improves FPS a lot, got it to work and you can even play TA:K in Windowed mode if you wish. It's awesome.
I'm testing some configs, best one with warrior spam was 33 FPS till now.

Virtual Machines

OK, GUYS. This is the answer if you need more performance. I just used Windows XP SP3 to run TA:K (1 core + 1gb RAM), running in Software MMX render, with over 300 FPS... lol And it doesn't go lower than 100 fps whatever I try. (Spam unit, wave spammed units, it just doesn't go lower.)

VirtualBox (Software MMX Render, Direct3D not working here)

FPS Performance Test FR8gpsG

Spam (my test):


Didn't work for me, tested on Windows XP SP3, Windows XP SP2. It works when I turn Windows 98/ME Compatibility, not sure max FPS tho cause it is locking in 60 fps. I might try it with DXWnd to unlock FPS and check. I'll also try Windows 7 (and maybe Windows 98 too).

Virtual Machine + DXWnd

I had a poor experience with this. From 300 FPS VM only, it dropped down to 60 FPS with DXWnd. Not recommended.


Compatibility Mode in windows 10 sucks and u guys shouldn't use it.
One thing that works for me is alt-tabbing, if I do this my FPS went from 16-20 to like 45-50, its so good, but if there are tons of units it'll still lag a lot (goes back to 12 fps).
Virtual Machines are the best option, if you don't want to use it, then use DXWnd. (I'll test VM + DXWnd soon)

I think I'll keep updating this so we can have a refference maybe, this post is really crap I did it fast, I'll do some formatting later I guess. I'll download virtual machine and check which windows is better with my hardware maybe (no I wont get W98, I'll see if I can get 98, XP and 7). I think it may be the best option.


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FPS Performance Test
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