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 FPS Performance Test

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PostSubject: FPS Performance Test   Tue Apr 03, 2018 11:12 am

Hi guys just wanted to share some information I'll be testing today on Windows 10. I am experiencing performance problems with TA:K related to my FPS. It is too low for my computer, even older PCs run TA:K better while mine has better stats. So I'll make tests to see how I can improve my FPS. (I want more FPS so much)

My pc:

TA:K requirements: (xD)

The test: made tons of enclave with veruna (around 6) and made all them make warriors towards a rally point... Pic of the test:

It already started to lag with my default settings (20 fps). So let's start
My TA:K is using Direct3D render and all video options turned on. Resolution: 1440x900
I saw no difference by running in admin mode or not, but I'll be running it in my tests.

Default setting (no compatibility mode): 20 FPS.

//Buggy sound when clicking play the machine and max resolution 1280x1024
Windows 95: 6 FPS.
Windows 98/ME: 6 FPS.

Windows XP SP2: 12 FPS.
Windows XP SP3: 14 FPS.

//All Vista options froze the game
Vista: 13 FPS. (crashes with 10 sec gameplay)
Vista SP1: 13 FPS. (crashes 1 min gameplay)
Vista SP2: 13 FPS. (crashes 3 min gameplay)

Windows 7: 13 FPS. (crashes with 5 sec gameplay)

Windows 8: 13 FPS. (crashes with 15 sec gameplay)

My DXWnd try //with or without it 20 fps. (it feels it's not doing anything). Needs more test.

Good news it improves FPS a lot, got it to work and you can even play TA:K in Windowed mode if you wish. It's awesome.
I'm testing some configs, best one with warrior spam was 33 FPS till now. I recommend.

Conclusion: compatibility mode in windows 10 sucks and u guys shouldn't use it.
Some tests were made once only, most were twice. This is not a "solid" test but it's some information, whatever just wanted to share while I do this for me.
One thing that works for me is alt-tabbing, if I do this my FPS went from 16-20 to like 45-50, its so good, but if there are tons of units it'll still lag a lot (goes back to 12 fps).
I think I'll keep updating this so we can have a refference maybe, this post is really crap I did it fast, I'll do some formatting later I guess. I'll download virtual machine and check which windows is better with my hardware maybe (no I wont get W98, I'll see if I can get 98, XP and 7). I think it may be the best option.


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FPS Performance Test
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