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 How to use DXWnd

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PostSubject: How to use DXWnd   Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:34 pm

What is DXWnd?

DXWnd is a software that improves newer systems' compatibility with older games, it also lets you play them in Windowed Mode even if the game doesn't have the option. In my experience, I am able to play TA:K in Windowed Mode Borderless which makes it feel like fullscreen, and it improved a lot my TA:K performance when many units are in my screen (from 4 FPS to around 20).


Here I'll guide you to get DXWnd to work. In my example I'll guide you to a Fullscreen Windowed Borderless TA:K (the one that I use). But you can change the options to your liking, it's just an example.

Before you start

Make sure your video card driver is updated.
Move Kingdoms.exe out of your TA:K folder (default: C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms) and rename Kingdoms.icd there to Kingdoms.exe, or DXWnd won't apply changes you make. If you can't see file extensions: https://youtu.be/8PV6jSMWzlk?t=28
After you finish, you need DXWnd open whenever you want to play with your configuration.

1. Download DXWnd here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/files/latest/download
2. Create a folder in your desktop and extract files there.
3. Open dxwnd.exe inside it, a new window is going to appear:

Hello I am DXWnd.

4. Go to Options and turn Expert Mode on:


5. Go to Edit > Add:

6. Now set options as below:



Name: Your config name. (Ex.: Kingdoms)
Path: Browse your Kingdoms.exe here. (Default path: C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms\Kingdoms.exe)
Launch: Same as path.
Folder: The folder that Kingdoms.exe is located (Default Folder: C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms)
Run in Window: Whether you want to run in a window or not.
Window initial position & size:
X, Y = Position of the window in your screen (You can use the presets too such as Desktop Center option)
W, H = Your window size (Width, Height).
Set X, Y to 0 and put your monitor resolution in W, H (Ex.: W: 1920 H: 1080) if you want a fullscreen window (we'll set it borderless later).


Window style: set to modal if you want it borderless.
Check Force win resize.
Screen resolution: set it to Native.



Set Cursor Clipper to ON. (so mouse won't get out of the window when you try to move your camera)



If you want you can set Renderer to SLD2. (I feel more comfortable with it.) It changes a bit the quality of the image, idk if for better/worse, you choose.
If you think your image is too sharp you can also set "Full Bilinear Filter", I don't like it because it feels too much blurry to me so I decided to avoid (I prefer sharp images). Up to you.



Check Textures not power of 2 fix. It fixes the mainscreen animations (Play the Machine, Adventure, the dragon anim, etc)



Check "Set last core affinity". It's very useful as TA:K only use one core of your CPU, so using the last gives a few more FPS/stability.

6. You're ready to play, as long as DXWnd is open, wherever you open your TA:K from, it's going to apply the changes you have done to Kingdoms through DXWnd. Don't forget to rename Kingdoms.icd in TA:K folder to Kingdoms.exe or changes won't apply! If you can't see file extensions: https://youtu.be/8PV6jSMWzlk?t=28

That's it guys, I hope I was clear enough, if you have any doubts or suggestion let me know!

Video Soon


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PostSubject: Re: How to use DXWnd   Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:18 am

And don't forget to File > Save after doing everything, so the config persists after closing dxwnd etc
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PostSubject: Re: How to use DXWnd   Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:51 pm

This might allow me to play again! Thanks guys!
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PostSubject: Re: How to use DXWnd   

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How to use DXWnd
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