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 Alternative keys - AHK script

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Alternative keys - AHK script Empty
PostSubject: Alternative keys - AHK script   Alternative keys - AHK script EmptyFri Aug 24, 2018 5:09 pm

Here are changed key settings, which I believe are better than original.

Lots of new keys and tweaks are achieved by AHK script that change the outcome of your key pressed (f.ex. your computer think you press right arrow, when you press "D")

Alternative keys - AHK script Qyo1hczc1qgtlba6g

you need 2 files, which are inside this .rar (add "http://www." before):


  1. Keys.TDF replace in your native TAK folder.
  2. UI_TAK.exe file(green H icon) is a 1 MB script, select & enter (from anywhere). Trust me (I dont know how to damage your computer). Green H icon will appear near the clock, you can there turn it off completely.


script is only active inside TA:K (it not change your keyboard and mouse behavior in Notepad f.ex). If it not work, maybe you need to run it with administrator privilege (i have this issue with Total Annihilation: Escalation)

script is turn ON/OFF inside game with WinKey (on the fly, you can switch it before writing)

notable feature:

  • build order icons scalable with all resolutions
  • move map with WSAD key
  • space - select unit on screen
  • rally points with mouse click
  • alt+a/s/d change unit stance


WSAD scroll map (like with arrows)
ctrl + WSAD recall 4x map location
ctrl + WSAD [hold for 0,6 sec] save 4x map location


no need to press M to create rally point (just R-mouse click. Box orders hold&drag with R-mouse still works, so Lokken can easly mass resurect zombies)

middle mouse click - patrol

mouse scroll - tracking next/previous unit (f.ex: ctrl+F (to select all factories), and scroll up/down to find the interesting Factory, then press Alt to select single factory)

press quickly (under 0,2 sec) Alt to select unit at the center of the screen (after toggling with mouse scroll)

ctr+ mouse scroll - game speed +/-


1-0 - build (in order of icons appearance)
alt+(1-5) - position 6-10 of build icons

numbers work with shift and ctrl. clicking icons working with each resolution


unit selection keys (select unit on screen):

space - select combat units on screen
2x space - select all units on screen
ctrl + space - select all same type units, on map
alt + space - select all same type units, on screen
ctrl+alt+space - select all combat units on map

z - melee units
x - range units
c - monarch
v - flying units
f - factories
g - magic units
r - builder units
b - navy units

shift+  - add units to current selection
ctrl+ - select all units of that type on map
ctrl+shift+  - add to current selection all all units of that type on map (for Space select all units on map)

if you double press letter - all unit of that type on map will be selected. Press letter again, to go back to on screen selection.



Q - fight
E - stop
shift + Q - load
shift + E - unload
ctrl + Q - attack ground
ctrl + E - patrol

Capslock - cloak on/off
ctrl + Capslock - open/close (gate, or activate structure)

alt+[q/w/e] - select weapon
alt+[a/s/d] - select stance behavior (offensive/defensive/passive)

backspace - dismiss your unit (remove it)


F1 - options
F2 - turn off all animation (to increase FPS)
F3 - show clock
F4 - show score

F5 -
F6 - contour 15 (see the terrain height)
F7 - contour 0 (turn off)
F8 -

shift + F5 - +atm (replenish mana resource cheat)
shift + F6 - +double damage (unit do more damage)
shift + F7 - +half damage (unit do less damage)
shift + F8 - +nowisee (reval all map cheat)


sometimes i encounter blocked down map scroll - i can not reproduce this bug. Pressing arrow down again fix the issue.

if anyone, find somemore conflicts, or would like to add more keys - I'm happy to adjust it
(f.ex shift + mouse scroll, more command to F# keys, more Alt+key funtions, clicking some positions on screen )

create shortcut to TAK, R-click, properities and insert command line
Alternative keys - AHK script Ws31u7k6n57ijm16g
Run TAK game with this shortcut.
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Alternative keys - AHK script
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