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 TA:K Tourney - 1v1 Swiss #2 - (Update 6/24/2019)

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TA:K Tourney - 1v1 Swiss #2 - (Update 6/24/2019) Empty
PostSubject: TA:K Tourney - 1v1 Swiss #2 - (Update 6/24/2019)   TA:K Tourney - 1v1 Swiss #2 - (Update 6/24/2019) EmptyMon Jun 24, 2019 7:16 pm

Update 6/24/2019:

The 2019 1v1 Swiss Tournament will launch on June 30th unless more people join or drop out, thus the tourney will be postponed; in those cases, we will then require an even amount of players to ensure everyone has an opponent every round (otherwise we couldn't start). The number of rounds will be half the number of players, so it's effectively tied to how many players ultimately sign up.

If you're seeing this and you want to join, sign up here:

I recommend using the TA:K discord channel to contact your opponents and negotiate when you play matches (there are no set dates besides the launch). If an opponent ghosts you they will forfeit that round, and you will receive a point as if you won.


Every participant may suggest up two maps but in the case a favorite map of yours was already suggested by someone else, please choose another.

An arena may not be approved for the following reasons:

• If the sacred stones are not distributed fairly.
• Has over ten easily accessible stones grouped together at spawn.
• If geography of the map is not even vaguely symmetrical
• Maps with bugged mana or those that spawn a player inside an object.
• Any map smaller than 18 tiles
• Any map that is larger than 320 tiles (~16 x 16) AND has more than 16 sacred stones total.

• Any map larger than 19x19

Once the greater map pool is ready, a number will be assigned to each map for a randomized roll just before every match. A new forum post will be created containing a picture of every map and a download link for the .KMP file.

When the online randomizer selects a map a either participant has already played on during the tourney, they may continue to veto every following selection until a fresh map is chosen.

If there is any map that doesn't fit these specifications that you think should be included anyway, you can make your case in this very thread, or you can DM me through discord @Kronos#7401
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TA:K Tourney - 1v1 Swiss #2 - (Update 6/24/2019)
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