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Lead Designer of The New Era Expansion Project

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THE NEW ERA v5.5 Empty
PostSubject: THE NEW ERA v5.5   THE NEW ERA v5.5 EmptyMon Sep 02, 2019 5:58 pm

DOWNLOAD -----> New Era v5.5 or https://takuniverse.webs.com/downloads.htm

TO PLAY: Play without other 3rd party files

1. PLACE all folders in your Kingdoms' folder. Click Okay to replace. (Contains backups within folders)
2. COPY your NewEra.hpi file from the mods folder, and PASTE it in your Kingdoms' folder.

3. Rename your KINGDOMS.KEY file to KINGDOMS.BACKUP.KEY in your Kingdoms' folder.

To play the original game, delete the NewEra.hpi file from your Kingdoms' folder. A backup of the file is already in the mods folder.

Updates: http://kingdoms.catsboard.com/t1346-newera-6-0-in-progress#14713


What to expect:

1. Units' spells fixed in all five races.

2. All races contain four structure builders and four unit builders.

3. A ship yard for all races.

4. Monarchs have veteran transformations.

5. Mana stones can now be built on water, where sacred stones are provided.

6. A pack with 51 maps using the terrains of both Campaigns.

7. New music themes

8. Ara, Cre and Tar are bug free. (Ver and Zon may crash the game)

9. Corpses for all Ara, Cre and Tar units.

10. Tier restructure in all five races.

About the project: http://kingdoms.catsboard.com/c1-the-newera-expansion-project

Thanks to:
DeeKay, Vaerun, Warped Mind, Chris, Clay, Rachy, Arthan, Double, Hawk and many others for the contribution to this project.

https://takuniverse.webs.com - TAK downloads
https://cris-media.com - Graphic Design
GameRanger ID: 4138935

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