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 4.0bb vs 4.1bb

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4.0bb vs 4.1bb Empty
PostSubject: 4.0bb vs 4.1bb   4.0bb vs 4.1bb EmptySat Oct 05, 2019 7:26 pm

Version 4.1 beta patch includes:

- Sound for host in multiplayer games! ( no more excuses if your monarch die while hosting, everyone can host! )
- Option to always allow Monarch Expendable
- Allows 8 Players on direct play launch, such as Gamespy Arcade
- Allows the 5th Race known as Creon on direct play such as, Gamespy Arcade and all the features from the Iron Plague expansion pack (movies can be downloaded apart)
- ironplague.icd no longer used.
- Command line not allowed anymore ( 3rd party unit makers can instead of using the -disablecavedog... just move the kingdoms.key file out of the kingdoms folder, but remember to put it back to play online)

Version 4.0 patch includes:

- 500 units limit
- More than 500 maps bug fix
- Allows more than one AI per person in mutliplayer games
- Direct Play launch on ironplague.icd allows the Creon race on multiplayer games

Download 4.1bb: https://takuniverse.webs.com/downloads.htm

Download The New Era - http://kingdoms.catsboard.com/t1353-the-new-era
Portfolio - https://cris-media.com
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4.0bb vs 4.1bb
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