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 New Era Plans

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New Era Plans Empty
PostSubject: New Era Plans   New Era Plans EmptySat Oct 12, 2019 1:15 pm

Below is a clear structure of what's coming ahead for the New Era:

For v5.6 (released)
- Release Ara, Cre, Tar and Ver bug free
- Release all improved AIs
- Start writing for units' Voice Overs

For v5.7 (released)
- Release Zhon bug free
- Release corpses/debrises for all units
- Release speed/anim change in all melee units
- Have all Voice Overs' scripts completed
- Start working on Azurians

For v5.8
- Start recording Voice Overs
- Release Azurians
- Rebalance units according to feedback

For v5.9
- Have all Voice Overs recorded
- Start implementing Voice Overs
- Keep rebalancing units according to feedback
- Start writing a story line for the campaign

For v6.0
- Release all units' Voice Overs
- Release all units' rebalancing according to feedback
- Have a concrete story line for the campaign

Once 6.0 has been released, we'll start producing for the Campaign, including:
- Start creating artwork
- Start writing scripts for the narration
- Have the campaign playable by December of 2020.

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New Era Plans
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