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Lead Designer of The New Era Expansion Project

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PostSubject: AnniMod   AnniMod EmptySun Jun 06, 2010 8:15 pm

Wolfclan took after this project. ***Look at this and tell me if I should balance my mod like this.***

Annihilated.com TA:K Mod

Designed by Annihilated.com forum'ers
Organized in an unstable dictatorship by SIRC
Special thanks to Praetor Fenix for his mad .FBI skillz
Packed by Mako (aequ@hotmail.com)

v05 06/22/00

//Allow Acolyte of Anu to build Rolling Tower
Restore Neo Dragon CB3 buildcost/buildtime/healtime
Restore Neo Dragon CB3 maxdamage
Decrease Zombie buildcost by 20%
Decrease Executioner buildcost by 5%
//Remove Stronghold loading ability
//Remove Bastion loading ability
//Remove Mage Tower loading ability
Decrease Swamp Beast WEAPON1 damage NAVAL to 0.625
Decrease Mer Warrior WEAPON1 damage NAVAL to 0.75
//Remove Beast Rider weaponswitching
Increase Beast Rider buildcost/buildtime/healtime by 25%
//Balance Grenadier WEAPON2
Restore Ghost Ship OTA:K radardistance
Increase Floating Tower WEAPON1 weaponvelocity by 50%
Increase Fallen Angel maxdamage by 50%
Increase Ballista WEAPON1 range by 25%
Increase Ballsita WEAPON1 weaponvelocity by 100%
//Allow Lokken to reanimate corpses into Skeleton Archers
//Balanced gods

v04 06/20/00

Increase Rictus maxdamage by 50%
Increase Rictus sightdistance by 100%
//All water units do 75% damage to Rictus
Change Kraken to damagecategory NAVAL
Increased Grenadier WEAPON1/WEAPON2/WEAPON3 range by 50%
Remove Pillar of Light ADJUSTJOY
Add Pillar of Light ADJUSTARMOR
Decrease Weather Witch WEAPON2 manapershot to 0
Remove Weather Witch WEAPON1
Change Giant Barracuda damagecategory to STALWART
//Rolling Towers cannot be captured
//Stone Giants cannot be captured
//Cannoneer cannot be captured
Restore Mer Warrior CB3 waterline
Restore Swamp Beast CB3 waterline
Decrease Mer Warrior waterline by 50%
Decrease Swamp Beast waterline by 50%
Decrease Liche waterline by 50%
Decrease Kirenna waterline by 50%
Restore Dark Hand CB3 maxdamage
Decrease Stone Giant buildcost/buildtime/healtime by 10%
Increase Kraken WEAPON1 damage DEFAULT by 200%
Decrease Kraken WEAPON1 damage NAVAL to 1.0
//Change gates to damagecategory GATE
//Decrease all MELEE weapons' damage GATE to 0.0
Change Mer Warrior damagecategory to AMPHIB
Change Swamp Beast damagecategory to AMPHIB
//Give all weapons' TIER1 mods to AMPHIB
//Give all fire weapons damage AMPHIB 2.0
Decrease Mer Warrior damage NAVAL to 0.0
Decrease Swamp Beast damage NAVAL to 0.0
Give Swamp Beast damage FORT 0.5
Give Swamp Beast damage FACTORY 0.5
Give Swamp Beast damage STALWART 0.5
//Allow Stronghold to load units
//Allow Bastion to load units
//Allow Mage Tower to load units
//Allow Sacred Dragons to use WEAPON3 at lvl1
//Balanced gods

v03 06/16/00

Restore Enclave CB3 buildtime/healtime
Restore Mer Warrior CB3 1.5 modifier against damagecategory NAVAL
Restore Swamp Beast CB3 1.25 modifier against damagecategory NAVAL
Inrease Enclave buildtime/healtime by 10%
Decrease Barracks buildtime/healtime by 10%
Decrease Smithy buildtime/healtime by 10%
Change Swamp Beast damagecategory to TIER1
Decrease Swamp Beast waterline to 1
Decrease Mer Warrior waterline to 1
Decrease Sage weapon2 manapershot to 0
Increase Shock Trooper weapon1 default damage by 50%
Decrease Bomb Sprinkler buildcost/buildtime/healtime by 30%
Increase Prismatic Mirror weapon1 range by 25%

v02 06/15/00

Decrease Ark buildtime/healtime by 25%
Change Giant Orm damagecategory to STALWART
Increase Giant Barracuda maxdamage by 25%
Decrease Rolling Tower buildcost/buildtime/healtime by 10%
Increase Musketeer weapon1 range by 25%
Restore Ghost Ship CB3 sightdistance/radardistance
Change Bomb Sprinkler damagecategory to FORT
Change Gatling Crossbow damagecategory to FORT
Change Prismatic Mirror damagecategory to FORT

v01 06/14/00

Increase all gate buildcost/buildtime/healtime by 200%
Restore OTA:K Horseman buildcost/buildtime/healtime
Decrease Automaton buildcost/buildtime/healtime by 25%
Decrease Neo Dragon buildcost/buildtime/healtime by 7.93%
Decrease Neo Dragon maxdamage by 25%
Increase Sage maxdamage by 12.5%
Increase Sage sightdistance by 100%
Increase Black Knight weapon1 range by 25%
Increase Caged Demon maxdamage by 50%
Decrease Fire Demon buildcost/buildtime/healtime by 15%
Increase Dark Hand maxdamage by 50%
Allow Dark Hand to reanimate Liche in 3 seconds
Restored OTA:K Ghost Ship and removed weapon1
Decrease Executioner buildtime/healtime by 20%
Increase buildcost/buildtime/healtime of Enclave by 25%
Give Mer Warrior 0.1 modifier against damagecategory NAVAL
Give Swamp Beast 0.1 modifier against damagecategory NAVAL
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