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PostSubject: WarMod   WarMod EmptySun Jun 06, 2010 8:17 pm

This is after the AnniMod. ***Look at this and tell me if I should balance my mod like this.***

TA:K Mod hosted by The Wolfclan (www.thewolfclan.net)

Continuation of the Annimod during the TAK Renaissance Project.
Developed by all the WolfClan forum'ers, initiated by HeadTaker.

For previous changes, please see the annimod documentation packaged with this mod.

V 0.4 (Feb2002) -

-All Dragons gain +200 default dmg for 1st level attack; manarechargerate increased by +5.
-Observer gains new buildpic; sightdistance increased by +10%.
-Ship of Doom: reloadtime for cannon increased to 4.7; maxdamage set to 8899; attack mods slightly toned down.
-Trapdoor Spider: cost/bt decreased to 4982/429.
-Mutant: watermultiplier (underwater crawling) slightly increased to 0.5.
-Beast Rider's cannon can no longer hit air. Maxdamage reduced from to 7300 to 6890. Reloadtime for cannon reduced from 3.5 to 3.8.
-Sea Serpent: sightdistance (LOS) reduced slightly; reloadtime for attack slightly increased; attack mods slightly toned down.

TESTING with WOLFPAK2.UFO download units (Powerslave, Zealot, Kandran Ruby, Doomspeaker, Demolition Wagon) virtually complete. Work begins on WOLFPAK3.UFO.

V 0.3 (Jan2002) -

-Trapdoor Spider Cost/BT reduced to 6082/519.
-Pillar of Light now generates +2 mana; stores +1000; HPs tripled.
-Ship of Doom attack dmg reduced to 1866.
-Shocktrooper attack dmg reduced to +25% normal.
-Sage's LOS returns to normal.
-Sage's watermultiplier increased from 0.3 to 0.4.
-Chief Engineer can now build the Observer.
-Mage Archers and Lighthouses paralyze a bit longer.


All Dragon lvl 2 attacks given a .5 modifier vs monarchs

Rictus restored to CUT values, maxdamage increased by 30%

Zombies restored to CUT values

Ark given to mage archer tracking arrows, max velocity increased by 20%

Black Dragon max mana restored to 1000

WatchTower/GuardTower default damage increased by 20%

Gatling Xbow/Caged Demon default damage increased by 25%

Caged demon Reload time decreased by 15%

All new units (Mutant, Observation Balloon, Sea Serpent, Zhon Spider, Ship of Doom) packaged in the WarMod.hpi file

Sea Serpent buildcost increased to 3820, buildtime lowered to 295

Altered Bomb Sprinkler's attack arc

Barracuda damageclass changed from Stalwart to Naval

Creon Lodestone buildtime decreased by 20%

Lich waterline raised to 22

Mutant modifer vs tier1 reduced from 2.0 to 1.5

Ship of Doom/Sea Serpent given .66 modifiers vs fort/factory, .3 modifier vs monarchs

Flagship build radius increased by 30%

BeastRider weaponvelocity decreased by 35%

Weatherwitch restored to CUT values, mana drain of lvl 2 lightning attack equals manarecharge

Chief Engineer lvl 3 weapon stun time increased to 10 seconds


Ark: buildtime = 474 // -30% (from CUT), maxvelocity = 1.377 // +35%, added 2 extra arrows

Gatling X-bow: buildcost = 2726 //-15%, buildtime = 298 //-15%

Prismatic Mirror: range back to CUT stats

Sage: slow amphib ability (.48 max velocity)

Tortoise: buildtime = 221 //-30%

Fallen Angel: maxdamage = 5525 //+30% over CUT

Mage Tower: areaofeffect = 100 for lightning

Weather Witch: added storm cloud, reduced default of lightning

MerWarrior: modifier vs naval = 0.35

Repair Skiff: removed heal ability

Giant Orm: mana income and storage ability (+2, 100 storage), explosion on death areaofeffect 150 (+50%), damage reduced from 10000 to 6666.

Giant Barracuda: waterline = 10

Wisp: added aimtolerance = 1024

Goblin: buildtime = 105

Beast Handler/Tamer/Lord: Can no longer be frozen

Swamp Beast: modifier vs naval = 0.35

All dragons received an increase in damage for their second attack. They need to reach vet status before using the 3rd attack (original CUT requirement).
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