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PostSubject: DTak   Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:19 pm

***Look at this and tell me if I should balance my mod like this.***

Changes in V0.1:
-Mage Archer: Increased cost, speed, mana, and HP.
-Spyhawk: Increased LOS + Radar.
-Gate: Increased HP.
-Catapult: Increased Speed.
-Wall: Increased Waterdepth, does not heal.
-War Gallery: Decreased cost, weapon damage, and HP.

-Skeleton Archer: Increased weapon damage, cost, range.
-Caged Demon: Increased HP.
-Lich: Decreased cost.
-Executioner: Increased speed.
-Gate: Increased HP.
-Wall: Increased Waterdepth, does not heal.

-Wall: Increased Waterdepth, does not heal.
-Amazon Knight: Decreased speed, increased weapon damage.
-Man of War: Increased weapon damage, HP. Decreased cost.
-Musketeer: Increased sight distance.
-Gate: Increased HP.
-Parrot: Increased LOS + Radar.

-Basilisk: Increased cost, HP.
-Ancient Dragon: Decreased cost.
-Goblin: Increased speed, decreased HP.
-Troll: Decreased HP, buildtime.
-Roc: Increased cost, HP.
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