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 Uberhack Mod

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PostSubject: Uberhack Mod   Uberhack Mod EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 8:22 pm

***Look at this and tell me if I should balance my mod like this.***

Incorporated Cavedog's Tier1 classification
Archer Towers are now 50% cheaper and are a bit better in other fields
Cannon Towers are now 25% cheaper and are better against the rush
Death Totems are significantly cheaper and a bit weaker, they now fit Zhon's strategy of a mobile base
Caged Demons are much cheaper and do much more damage, they are useful now
Mage Towers now have better aim (I think) and are a bit better and cheaper
Mage Archers are now more useful
Barbarians, Blade Demons and Crusaders now do 150% damage to Tier1 infantry
Aramon cannon is better at attacking forts now
Sacred Dragons are MUCH, MUCH more useful! TRY THEM! CHEAPER AND STRONGER!
Monarchs are now able to defend themselves MUCH better! CHanges include:
Double hitpoints
3rd attack usually does 10000 damage
Second attack now does 4000-6000 damage (depends on which Monarch)
First attack a bit better
A little bit more Personal Mana
Kirenna now swims at twice walking speed
These changes DO NOT make the Monarchs good at base assault, instead, they are now good at defending the base and being victorious in field battles
Divine Lodestones are MUCH cheaper and produce 4 times as much as regular lodestones
Acolyte of Anu is a lot cheaper andis more useful as a special combat unit
Acolyte of Anu can also resurrect now
Catapults are much better now
Titan is now great against buildings and mechanical devices, is also better overall
Assassin can cloak for a LOT longer
Trebuchet is much different as follows:
now costs 3 times as much
now does double damage
now takes twice as long to reload
most importantly, it now shoots at moving units
You may think I made the trebuchet horrible, but try it! It is far superior to the original as a base defense
War Galley now has more HP, range, attack power, and an anti-air arrow weapon
Black knight has more HP and attack power
Blade Demon is more balanced
Fire demon now does less damage to defensive towers and troops with armor
Lich is now better
Fire Mage is more useful now
Ghost ship does much less damage to Lodestones
Fire Spout has better range and more mana, can stay cloaked indefinitely if not moving
Weather Witch now more effective
Zombie is not highway robbery anymore
Berserker is not "blind" anymore
Crusader can resist stone and mind control now, does extra damage to undead
Floating Tower now does more damage
Priest of Lihr now has a decent "healing radius" and a stronger attack
Mortar now has much larger area of effect and more offensive power
Pillar of light has larger radius and is 33% cheaper
Incorporated Cavedog's idea of a Repair Skiff
Transport Ship now can carry about 52 troops and is cheaper
Man of War has longer Range and Better offensive power
Trebuchet Ship is a bit more expensive and takes substantially longer to complete
Zhon Sacred Fire now has larger radius of healing
Wisp is now better
Stone Giant does not dominate as it used to but is is still worth the cost
Goblin is now a tinkerer (Cavedog) and does triple damage to buildings and siege devices
Gryphon is actually useful now
Beast Handler, Beast Tamer, and Beast Lord now have more HP
Beast Lord's weapon is much better now (for 8000 mana it should be!)
Jungle orc now has double HP
Roc now carries more units, has more HP, and transports a greater distance now
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Uberhack Mod
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