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 Reign of Supremacy Mod v2.8

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PostSubject: Reign of Supremacy Mod v2.8   Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:52 pm

Reign of Supremacy Mod by KM-Sage

The purpose of v2.8 is to show all the units from aramon, creon, and veruna. Some from taros and zhon.

-Ofcourse the gameplay is really unbalance for now, and some units don't have the right portraits.

To play it, you will need Ta: Kingdoms Switcher --> http://www.fileuniverse.com/?p=down&a=/tak/utils/TAKSwitcher-1.0.zip&id=594

Reign of Supremacy Mod v2.8 --> http://kingdoms.heavenforum.org/member-created-files-f9/mods-t8.htm

It comes with a guide on how to play it online.
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Reign of Supremacy Mod v2.8
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