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 Dino Rider

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PostSubject: Dino Rider   Dino Rider EmptySun Jul 21, 2013 8:09 pm

its shooting point should be pointing towards the front rather than its back, so I need to turn it 180 degrees. This is what I have for AimWeapon: What should I change?

AimWeapon(heading, pitch, weaponnum)
signal SIG_AIM;
set-signal-mask SIG_AIM;
aiming = TRUE;
while( firing )
sleep 100;
if( weaponnum == 0 )
turn Gun to x-axis <0.000000> - pitch speed <25.005495>;
turn HowdaT to y-axis heading + <180.043956> speed <45.010989>;

RESOLVED: This is what I ended up having:

turn Gun to x-axis <45.000000> - pitch speed <25.005495>;
turn HowdaT to y-axis heading + <0.000000> speed <45.010989>;

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Dino Rider
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