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 Illohir Stragey Guide

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Lord chris

Lord chris

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Illohir Stragey Guide Empty
PostSubject: Illohir Stragey Guide   Illohir Stragey Guide EmptyWed Jul 02, 2014 12:22 am

Illohir is a tough race to play so heres things to know when picking up this race

Chaos statue is the best tower in the game
T1 is very spamable
T4 is very tough and is basicly game ending
Very durable Monarch
Has a watch tower type build that can reviel huge parts of the map so building it is a must
Builders can help with production

T1 units are extremly weak
T3 only has situational units as the only one worth building is (sorry if i butcher the name) Efine
Only T4 units worth building is Harbinger and i cant spell the other one

Illohir counters
Zhon Very weak to illohirs early rush and can be used to keep zhon from getting any higher from T1 unless helped by a friend
Veruna (to some Extint) Veruna can beat illohirs rush do to there mobilty but mid to late game illohir will domant veruna
Creon to slow to start up to counter counter illohirs rush

Illohir gets countered by
Aramon Do to aramons tough units and mother fucking cannons and trebs Aramon can harass Illohir from a distant and take out key buildings
Taros( to some extint) Illohirs early game is weak but spamable and so are taros zombies as zombies can make a meat sheild now taro players have to be weary of illohirs T2 as Chaos aco can walk though a fire mages metor , weather witch hail storm and aco hail storm do to the sheild around them they do poor dmg though but can tank alot of magicly dmg now a taros player will have to do alot of harassment with fire demons

Now illohir is a race still being worked on so this is likely to change but its still a good race so pick it up and try it out
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Lord chris

Lord chris

Posts : 219
Reputation : 2
Join date : 2013-02-24
Age : 27

Illohir Stragey Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: Illohir Stragey Guide   Illohir Stragey Guide EmptyFri Jul 04, 2014 12:00 pm

Illohir at its core is a sort of high risk high reward as you need time to build up and building a T2 building takes awhile so you have to relie on T1 early to early mid game
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Illohir Stragey Guide
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