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 Veruna Units Expansion 1.1

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Veruna Units Expansion 1.1 Empty
PostSubject: Veruna Units Expansion 1.1   Veruna Units Expansion 1.1 EmptyFri May 29, 2015 12:15 am

Veruna Units Expansion 1.1 NG2xwL2

Hey guys, Veruna Units Expansion.

Veruna Units Pack ReadMe:

How to install

• Method 1

- Download and install TA:K Switcher
- Download the Unit Pack.
- Copy all the Units ".ufo" files to Units folder that TA:KS created in your TA:K Directory (C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms\units)
- Run TA:K Switcher, go to Units tab and select them
- Play!

Method 2 (Playable at GameRanger)

- Download the Unit Pack.
- Copy all the Units ".ufo" files to your TA:K directory (C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms)
- In your TA:K directory (C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms) search for a file called Kingdoms.key
- Move it to somewhere else, your desktop for example
- Play!
- If you want to get your original TA:K again, put Kingdoms.key back to your TA:K directory (C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms).

PS.: Don't delete Kingdoms.key.

Veruna Units Expansion 1.1 MYIHjPb Veruna Units Expansion 1.1 V9fHPFk - Veruna Units Expansion 1.1 1iFfVZr


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Veruna Units Expansion 1.1
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