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 Understanding degrees in scriptor.

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Understanding degrees in scriptor. Empty
PostSubject: Understanding degrees in scriptor.   Understanding degrees in scriptor. EmptyMon Mar 21, 2016 6:41 pm

Take a look at the veruna Man of war's script and 3do. Notice the rear cannon, it has a heading > 57344(315) OR heading < 8192(45) which means if you draw a circle going counterclockwise, the cannon pointing straight back would be at 0 OR 65520. If you divide the numbers by 182, you would get these numbers in degrees and to find out the numbers, multiply 182 by the degree, ex. 182 * 180 = 32760.
So the rear cannon's firing arc is limited to the back like a 'V'. Took me awhile to figure that out.
Hopefully a good lesson for budding modders.
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Understanding degrees in scriptor.
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