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 TA:K Tourney 1v1 SE - How it works?

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TA:K Tourney 1v1 SE - How it works? Empty
PostSubject: TA:K Tourney 1v1 SE - How it works?   TA:K Tourney 1v1 SE - How it works? EmptyTue Jul 10, 2018 9:17 am

TA:K Tourneys - 1v1 Single Elimination

Get the game:
Discord Channel: https://discordapp.com/zTwmHcQ
Forum: https://kingdoms.catsboard.com/
TA:K Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRBvzZGEvhWZZAEvBcQBLQw


Matches style: bo3, final in bo5.
Maps: Chosen alternately between player's preferences if players opinions diverges. The last map should be one that both agrees (a mix, for example, Bloods Hunters).
Maps: List of 10 maps which players will ban alternately, the one that keeps is the one that will be played, it cannot be played again in the next matches
Recording: every match should be recorded by a watcher and will be uploaded to TA:K Youtube Channel. (or both players can record but that's more work to do) xP
Game crashes/bugs: as long as it is not a clear victory for any side, it should be redone. If player's opinions diverge, then it's the game hoster responsability for a final decision.


Tourneys happens in phases, and each phase occur 1 week after the other. Ex: Quarter Finals in one day, Semifinals will be 7 days later. The time varies with people availability.

If the player don't appear in the period of his match, he has a 3 day period to set his match up with his opponent and play it.


What's Allowed?
- PathFinding Fix.
- Mods to remove the annoying sound when you click.
- Mods related to unit's category to define them in Keys.tdf so you can manage your units as you wish.

Anything not in this list is considered cheating. If you are in doubt whether what you're going to do is cheating or not you should ask in our discord channel (discord.gg/zTwmHcQ)! If you want a new thing to be allowed put it for voting in the community. If you get caught cheating you'll be permanent banned from every next tourney and will have a black listed name.

If you have any suggestion, please share!
Long Live TA:K!


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TA:K Tourney 1v1 SE - How it works?
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