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 TAK after the war Mod

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PostSubject: TAK after the war Mod   TAK after the war Mod EmptySat Apr 13, 2019 4:19 pm

This mod aim to add more depth to the original game and to make it more understandable to any one not very familiar with it.

It was born after a dissatisfaction of the current state of TAK in many areas like some balancing and basic strategy that could have been enhanced but never was. I do not have the pretention of knowing everything but I believe that this mod will add many new strategy possibilities for the game without being too different from it.

The mod stay true to the game and if many stats have been changed only a few are very different from the crusades balances ones. Most build times and mana pool also stayed the same.
So any TAK veteran who knows how to play with the crusades balance will quickly find back some old ways of playing. But they may find the game a bit more interesting and competitive against other players in multiplayer.

What can you expect in this mod? :

■ At least 5 new quality units per races (more than 10 new for creon) carefully chosen to enhance each race while staying true to their characteristic.
■ A complete damage system overhaul and a bonus sight range for all units.
■ A balance very similar to what crusade balance has to offer except for the damage system change.
■ A mod made with multiplayer in mind with lots of minor additions to units to enhance player possibilities.
■ Units characterisitcs visible on their unit icons for a better comprehension of what does what.
■ Some unit behavior fixing from the 4.1BB patch.

You can find the download link or further informations here:


I hope you will like it Smile

(If you want to discuss about stuff directly you can find me on deekay's discorde under the pseudo "ako")
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TAK after the war Mod
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