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 campaign script

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PostSubject: campaign script   campaign script EmptySat Oct 26, 2019 8:01 pm

i made a small list of commands that a campaign script can use by going throw most of the campaign scripts and copping them. this was for personal reference but in case anyone is interested i am posting it, if anyone know of more out there then i would be interesting in finding out.

Static_Var_1 = Mission-Command( "create CRESUBM", 1, 3, 315 )
Static_Var_2 = Mission-Command( "Capture", Static_Var_2, 0 );
Mission-Command( "setmission a VERFLTWR, a VERAT, a VERTOWER, a VERMORT", Static_Var_1 );

Mission-Command( "SetTrigger", TriggerID, 1, 1, 128, 64 );
Mission-Command( "RemoveTrigger", TriggerID );
Mission-Command( "ScreenShake", 64, 2500 );
Mission-Command( "GetUtype ZONHUNT" ) // return Val of unit type
Mission-Command( "SetAttribute ManaPercentage", unitID, 100 );
SetAttribute ArmorPercentage
SetAttribute AttackPercentage
//Mission-Command( "kill", Static_Var_19, 0, 0, 0, 0);
//Mission-Command( "kill TARCASTL", 0, 0, 0);

get INBUILDSTANCE(1) //unit count?
get MAGIC_DEATH(unitID); //maximum allowed units?

get UNKNOWN_UNIT_VALUE(30)(unitID) // get unit type from unit id
get UNKNOWN_UNIT_VALUE(35)(unitID); // x or y unit location
get UNKNOWN_UNIT_VALUE(36)(unitID); // y or x unit location
get UNKNOWN_UNIT_VALUE(40)(0) // score count or kill count

set STANDINGMOVEORDERS to 1; //set map to win(1) or defeat(0), i dont know the default value

called funtions:
TriggerHit(Trigger_ID, unitID, TriggeredCount){}
UnitCreated(Unittype, Func_Var_2){}

usfull commands:
start-script scriptname();
sleep timeinsecons * 1000; to get seconds multiply by 1000
rand(min , somthing) // a random number , the second veriable is the rainge or max

There are loads of modern ideas but new ideas are rare.
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campaign script
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