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 TA:Kingdoms Correction and Debug Mod (version 1.0)

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TA:Kingdoms Correction and Debug Mod (version 1.0) Empty
PostSubject: TA:Kingdoms Correction and Debug Mod (version 1.0)   TA:Kingdoms Correction and Debug Mod (version 1.0) EmptyTue Jan 14, 2020 3:11 pm

I am happy to announce the first version of the TA:Kingdoms correction and debug mod! It includes scripting fixes for certain units, repaired stun weapons and much more.

TA:Kingdoms Correction & Debug Mod 1.0

Be sure to read the Readme.txt as it lists every single change from 4.1bb to the Mod

It must stressed though that this mod is not intended as a re-balance, even though some of us may feel this how the game should have been like all long; it is purely intend to fix scripting bugs and and repair previously ruined attacks like the Mage Archer stun and Wisp Lightning.

To anyone still playing the 4.1bb version of Kingdoms, I would suggest giving this a try online with your friends. If you enjoy the changes, please give feedback and spread the word about it!

Future updates to the mod are not out of the question, so stay tuned for further small adjustments.

How to play:

Just extract the .hpi file from the zip, insert it into your main kingdoms folder, and then drag out the kingdoms.key file. After this, you're all set.
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TA:Kingdoms Correction and Debug Mod (version 1.0)
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