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 How to Set Up Scriptor

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How to Set Up Scriptor Empty
PostSubject: How to Set Up Scriptor   How to Set Up Scriptor EmptyMon Jan 09, 2023 8:17 pm

Having Scriptor installed, do the following:

1. Make sure to place a unit's cob file inside the Scriptor_v1(RC1) folder.

2. Open Scriptor, go to File > Open > File type > Compiled Scripts (cob)

3. Select unit_name.cob file to decompile the unit file inside the scriptor folder

4. DeScript window pops up. Make sure to select the same path for both Cob and Bos.
   a. Mimic DeScripting Options and Library Options
   b. Click DeScript
How to Set Up Scriptor Descri10

5. Go to Script > Settings. Do the following:
  a. Make sure your Include Directory path ends with "include\"
  b. Linear: 163840.000000
  c. Angular: 182.000000
How to Set Up Scriptor Compil11
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How to Set Up Scriptor
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