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Lead Designer of The New Era Expansion Project

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Zhon Empty
PostSubject: Zhon   Zhon EmptyTue Aug 12, 2008 3:54 pm

Zhon Zhon-b10
Poster design by Cristian Fuentealba aka Sage
Queen Thirsha design by Eduardo Rahn Moreira

16x20 Poster size for print available:

ZHON - Units in Red were Moved/Removed. Bold and underlined are the new units.

T1- Thirsha, Huntress: added veteran textures and transformation, increased speed and armor
-sacred fire: moved to t3 shaman
-lodestone: works on water
-death totem: rebalanced with gatling gun
-t1 treehouse: added
-creature temple: added, water building
-beast handler: moved to t1 tree house
-bat: added
-wrath of tammauz: moved to t4 tomb

Creature Temple
-Giant Barracuda: added; rebalanced with aramon's war galley, can now cloak, can carry 2 units
-Kraken: rebalanced with the ark; attack is also anti-air
-Cannoe: can build on water

Cannoe: can build on water
-death totem
-creature temple

T1- TreeHouse: can now hold 10 units
-sabertooth tiger: added
-swampbeast: decreased speed in water, decreased attack damage, decreased water line
-goblin: can build more goblins to self reproduce
-t2 beast handler: added

T2- Beast Handler: rebalanced with aramon mage builder
-sacred fire: moved to shaman
-death totem
-destruction totem: added; rebalanced with bastion
-Wall: added
-creature temple: added
-t1 tree house: added
-t2 beast tammer: rebalanced with taros' abbys

T2- Beast Tammer(building): Increased armor; can't be frozen nor stone
-spirit wolf: rebalanced with maceman
-Demon Hunter: added, like beast rider, throws spears
-totem: moved to t2 beast handler
-kraken: moved to creature temple

-gryphon: attack is now guided
-harpy: attack is now more efficient
-t2 treeant
-t3 shaman: added

T2- Treeant: added, uses roots to create earthquakes
-T2 Forest: built to protect deers, limit 1
-T2 Deer: added, limit 5, T2 mana resource
-T3 Tree: added: rebalanced with aramon gate, can garrison 2 units

T3- Shaman: moves faster; can now assist
-divine lodestone
-mana jars(mana vault): added, limit 3, can cloak
-sacred fire: added, heals less, consumes less mana
-trapdoor spider: rebalanced with kandra's claw
-roc: added
-t3 beast lord: cost, defense and build time increased
-giant barracuda: moved to creature temple
-giant orm: moved to t3 beast lord
-dragon: moved to t4 tomb

T3- Beast Lord(building): can't be frozen nor stone
-orc: rebalanced with barbarian
-devourer: added; rebalanced with knight, giant insect
-giant orm: added; increased speed slightly
-stone giant
-wisp: rebalanced with fire spout; bug fixed
-drake: rebalanced with sky knight; resized
-roc: moved to t3 shaman
-shaman: moved to t2 tammer
-t4 baphometite: added, builder

T4- Baphometite
-Fish hunter(mer shark): limit 5, converts fish into mana, wandering/water unit only
-Obelisk: provides sight and attack bonus, can paralyze
-Cannon tower: anti-air
-skull shrine: can make thunderbolts fall from the sky
-sea serpent: rebalanced with veruna terra whale
-t4 tomb

T4- Tomb: can now hold 25 units: done
-goblin behemoth: Giant blade carrier, monster
-goblin king: Giant goblin
-dragon turtle: uses long range water attack
-Ancient Dragon: can now wave from the start; can now transport 1 unit, resized
-wrath of tammuz: resized, added explotion; added the maximum hp
-Thirsha, Huntress

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Lead Designer of The New Era Expansion Project

Posts : 1217
Reputation : 8
Join date : 2008-08-02
Age : 36
Location : West Haven

Zhon Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zhon   Zhon EmptySat Aug 28, 2021 9:29 pm

The buildtree poster for Zhon has been completed. A few updates coming up for v5.9:

1. New unit pics
1. Deer units as a T2 resource to provide income/mana.
2. The Forest as a garrison for Deers.
3. Placing Tree(gate) under T2 Tree of Life to avoid getting spammed by Handlers.

16x20 print size poster available on the first post.
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