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 Proposed build & balance structure- Taros (in work)

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Proposed build & balance structure- Taros (in work) Empty
PostSubject: Proposed build & balance structure- Taros (in work)   Proposed build & balance structure- Taros (in work) EmptyWed Jul 15, 2009 1:30 pm


T1- Lokken: Resurrect corpses into zombies, consumes less mana while cloak movement, add gods textures, change cape, remove explotion:
-lodestone: works on water:
-north gate
-east gate
-kandra's claw: change attack to paralyzer, so it balanced with veruna albaster tower/zhon trapdoor spider.
-caged demon:
-sea shadow: take away some range, balance with manofwar, retexture team color, resize:
-ghoul: take off ai, balance with giant boar, rebalance:
-Spawn of Belial: make it bigger, add explotion:

-T1- Cabal: change buildangle to 0, can hold 10:
-skeleton fighter:
-baron leimar: can't be stoned nor frozen, can cloak:
-mad warlock
-black knight:
-skeleton archer: get move from abbys:
-ghost ship:
-dark mason

T2- Dark Mason
-caged demon
-mage tower: can hold 1 unit:
-chaos jammer:
-piranha: take off ai, balanced with mer warrior:
-ghost ship
-sea shadow
-pirate ship: resize:

T3- Pirate Ship:
-cage demon
-chaos jammer
-black knight

T3- Abyss: change buildangle to 0, can hold 15:
-dark hand:
-bone demon
-undead ranger:
-fire demon
-skull thrower:
-weather witch:
-mirazi heket: rebalanced with assassin:
-iron beak:
-bone dragon: change portrait:
-dark mason

T4- Temple: change buildangle to 0, can hold 20:
-blade demon
-mummy: decrease attack damage, balanced, fix portriat:
-shadow knight:
-fire spout
-skeleton rider:
-mind mage:
-fire mage:
-kamikaze rat
-sky knight:
-chaos fiend:
-Heligrin: add cult of lokken, limit one heligrin, can't be stoned nor frozen, balance, resize: (will have different attacks)
-dark mason
-dark priest

T4- Dark Priest: increase armor, can help build anything, can't be stoned, balanced:
-divine lodestone
-futuritive lodestone- same as other futuritives
-mana vault: no unit limit, can cloak, increase armor:
-pirate ship
-Summoner Spirit
-Temple of Belial

T5- Summoner Spirit(rename to....Ghost Builder?..)
-cult of lokken: Decrease attack, cost, and buildtime, balanced with iron clad, can transport:
-sea shadow
-caged demon
-kandrans claw
-mage tower
-choas jammer
-shadow obelisk:
-thunder hand:

T5- Temple of Belial: can hold 25 units:
-ghost rider: change 3do model, change portrait:
-fallen angel: stay in air, increase armor, resize:
-Black Dragon: can wave from the start, can transport 1 unit, make it bigger:
-Spawn of Belial
-Dark Priest
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Proposed build & balance structure- Taros (in work)
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