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 Taros 3rd part races

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Lord chris

Lord chris

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Taros 3rd part races Empty
PostSubject: Taros 3rd part races   Taros 3rd part races EmptyWed Jul 31, 2013 12:06 am

Illohir is a very good dl race and still being updated by Vearun since its his race its very well made and fun to play as

Cursed also a very good race it compaired to the other races can expanded very quickly and it has a zhon, taros hybrid the first 3 builders build units ( except for the dark builder he builds buildings and defencive buildings) well made and it has some powerful units not game breaking or considered op (overpowered) it just doesnt have any good late game units or none at all if you consider how the race its made all its builders are cheap and theres ok ill put it this way 1 building builds all the builder the last builder (dark master) builds the what would be consider the late game units but he only cost 400 what im saying cursed can take some getting use to

Demons is a good race to the only things that ruines this race is T1 flying builders, Bat from hell, and that T2 unit cant rember its name but it starts with an A

Undead its a pretty well made race can be hard to find the T3 building and undead archers arrows are well hit units that are behind units like a penatrion arrow or i might be seeing it

Undead blight is an ok race just needs to be fixed

Tyrak its a pretty good race (this is based off the orignal version waiting for bargen to finish the remake)

Orsion sucks well thats a little harsh but its like Dragons Keep just with out unit limit it does have a couple of new units but most units are just renamed with new pics and some new attacks

Sketaus havent seen it so i have nothing on it at the moment

The Lich King is here bow down mortals and make way for the undead sorreror
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Taros 3rd part races
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