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 Total Annihilation: Insectdoms Mod

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Total Annihilation: Insectdoms Mod Empty
PostSubject: Total Annihilation: Insectdoms Mod   Total Annihilation: Insectdoms Mod EmptyTue Dec 23, 2014 6:58 pm

Hey TA:Kers,

Here goes another mod, but this time it has to do with insects... hehehe
So let's go!

The Mod is called Total Annihilation: Insectdoms, it's a Total Conversion Mod. It comes with five races: Ants, Termites, Roaches, Beetles and Spiders.

Total Annihilation: Insectdoms Mod D7PelKM

Ants - Very Fast Producing, Very Fast Walking and Weak.
Termites - Fast Producing, Slow Walking and Strong.
Roaches - Slow Producing, Fast Walking and Strong.
Beetles - Very Slow Producing, Slow Walking and Very Strong.
Spiders - Slow Producing, Fast Walking and Weak or Very Strong.

Now, let's go to the Changes part, here you can follow our mod development process:

Green - Already Done.
Yellow - Partially Done.
Red - Not Done.
Gray - Commentary

• Mod Changes •

♦ Art

   - Team Logos
Ants Team Logo:
Termites Team Logo:
Roaches Team Logo:
Beetles Team Logo:
Spiders Team Logo:

    - UnitPics
Ants UnitsPics:
Termites UnitsPics:
Roaches UnitsPics:
Beetles UnitsPics:
Spiders UnitsPics:

    - GUIs

Ants Team Blazon:
Termites Team Blazon:
Roaches Team Blazon:
Beetles Team Blazon:
Spiders Team Blazon:

♦ Models
Ants Models:
Termites Models:
Roaches Models:
Beetles Models:
Spiders Models:
♦ Scripts

♦ Units Stats

• GamePlay and Balance Issues •

Nothing yet.

• Bugfixes •

Nothing yet.

Total Annihilation: Insectdoms Mod Ycu1

Not playable yet. If you want to help me, talk to me and I can give you the source code. Smile

Credits to:
DeeKay - All TA:K Downloads - Creator of The Mod.


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Mr. Coldfire

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Total Annihilation: Insectdoms Mod Empty
PostSubject: Re: Total Annihilation: Insectdoms Mod   Total Annihilation: Insectdoms Mod EmptyWed Jun 08, 2016 5:23 pm

Well, this is certainly creative.
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Total Annihilation: Insectdoms Mod
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