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 How to create veteran objects in 3do

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How to create veteran objects in 3do Empty
PostSubject: How to create veteran objects in 3do   How to create veteran objects in 3do EmptySat Jun 22, 2019 10:11 pm

3 easy steps to creating veteran objects in 3do Builder.

1. Select the object you want to make veteran.

2. Go to object/create object and give it a name. It will place the new object right below the object you want to edit, but don't edit the parent object.

3. Select the parent object, go to misc/copy piece. Select the new object, go to misc/paste object. Then you'll be able to edit the new object's faces and add vet textures.

Refer to this link on How to script vet objects in Scriptor.

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How to create veteran objects in 3do
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