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 Azurians - The New Faction for New Era

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Lord chris

Lord chris

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Azurians - The New Faction for New Era Empty
PostSubject: Azurians - The New Faction for New Era   Azurians - The New Faction for New Era EmptyWed Oct 30, 2019 5:39 pm


Hello all its your bug tester lord chris and after testing Azurians i can say this race is pretty good but not without their faults but we will get to that.

Monarch: Lord Azdurain
Lord Azdurain is a mid teir monarch he only has 2 spells Ice shard and an aoe mind control he has no tracking ability what so ever but his ice shards deal heavy small aoe dmg. He from my understanding has a decent hp pool I wouldnt have him fight strong monarchs like Elsin or Loken but he can fight Sage, Thirsha and possible Kirenna. He can also revive units.

This god is... ok hes better than Taros and Veruna's gods but do to low hp and to use his wave is the 2nd ability witch out of all the gods is spammable but he does have a low hp pool.

Azurians have unit producing buildings and 2 main builders.
Azurian Palace and Azurian Fortress

The Apprentice and the Sorcerer
These builders can revive units into snowballers, but not really worth it and you will see why. (not including the monarch of course)

Now unto units...

In the Azurian Palace you only get 3 units (not including builder)

The snowballer, Azurian Knight and Crystal Seige

Azurian Palace
The snowballer
Extremely weak their snowball doesnt even do dmg to kill a scout do not use this unit you are wasting the little mana it cost. Small ho pool and little dmg to make a dent in anything it is the worst archer unit in the game i would rather use Wisps otak wisp than this unit.

Azurian knights
Very good T1 units they deal good dmg a decent speed but their main selling hook is that they have very good hp regain and can recover their hp pretty fast better than most units pull them off of the front line and they can heal up. they are also pretty tanky against arrows and other melee units (other T1 units they do die pretty fast to T2 units) for about 250 mana they are a decent unit to use also can parayzle units that atually prazayle so they can fight other untis if they live and it does last a good bit.

Crystal siege
The Azurians Seige unit and omg is it strong if it wasnt for the slow reload this would be one of if not the best seige unit in the game High dmg decent range decent mana cost. but for the trade off is slow movement speed, no aoe  (it is single target or at the very least small aoe), and slow reload speed.


Azurian Fortress units
The Spearman, Axeman,Azurian Drake, Crystal Golem, and Avalance.

Azurian Fortress
The Spearman
Decent archer unit, doesnt have good archer range but has tracking spears and they do have high dmg.

A more tanker version of the knight can also pralyze units also ahs slower attack speed than the knight.

Azurian Drake
Good vs air units dont use vs land units they will die dont know why they have a mana bar.

Crystal Golem
Cheaper weaker vs of the Jungle Ork but slightly faster.

Spammable version of the Stone Gaint weaker attack and hp but about the same range and faster.


Now Azurian also have units that can be built in the world without the need of a Building and they are the Azurian tank, War mammoth , Crystal Gallon, and Aquaeon.

Azurian Tank
A very good unit for 4k mana basically an upgraded Crystal Siege high dmg, better reload way better reload time, higher and much more tanker hp. the only draw backs is that you need the Sorcerer to build them, they appear to take more dmg from enemy siege than from melee attacks as even when i got one to gold enemy catapults where hurtting them alot so if i had to guess seige is the best way to counter them and they cant hit air units.

War Mammoth
Also a very good unit  can shoot over all ,and same thing with the tank does take bonus dmg from Siege can hit air units and overall a good unit.

Crystal Gallon
Weaker version of a man at war but more hp atleast from what i can tell and have a harder time hitting land units.

Aquaeon - the Azurians' Dragon
Has no tracking attack so he only has 2 spells but unlike other dragons he can use his wave with a full mana bar and its very good wave the same aoe as a black dragon and alot better hp but slower overall i say about the speed as Verunas dragon while having the best wave attack out of the dragons since you get it early and it does alot of dmg.

Spear Tower
Decent dmg better hp

Pandoras Spire
AoE attack but decent

Pandoras Hand
One of the best towers in the game now this tower has a line of sight as a regular tower but Cgris whats so good about that well my friends Spire has 2 abilities 1 is the same attack as the Pandora's hand but this tower also can reveal units on the map no it wont show you the units but it will show you the dots on the map so it wont reveal the fog of war to your unit but it shows you on the map now this is good for the 2nd reason the tower has a mana bar and when that mana bar fills up you can use the Spires 2nd ability Pandora's Wraith witch is a very powerful aoe attack think Fallen angels 3rd attack but you can sue it from almost any tange and it does and can kill higher teir buildings all for the low cost of 9k mana and a decent build time you can get one up and if you can protect it it pays for itself in one wave and can be a game changer. now this tower does have a limited range  on that 2nd attack but it is huge about the range of an Aramon treb for Reference.


Overall Azurians are a Siege heavy faction long range units tanky melee units they lack creons weak early game and are surpisingly good vs the other factions. they are good at anypoint since they arnt mana hungery and their units are surpisingly cheap for what they do with Azurians you get Quality units with cheap costs, the only thing is that fast early aggression is the only way to cripple them since their mon has no tracking attack and their only archers early are extremely bad (the worst unit for any faction). if you leave them alone and let them tech up (witch they can do pretty fast)  your going to feel pain.

They work well with factions that can cover their weaknesses witch is lack of any huge aoe units like weather witches, firemages, or decent archers.

Who counters them
Any faction that can pull off early agression their knights may be strong but they are slow so light calver of aramon is good. also on the sea they are very weak since they only have 2 units that can really fight on the sea and thats the Crytal Gallon and the Azurian drake both of witch are sub optional. since their water game is weak veruna, zhon, aramon and creaon and taros can all beat them on very water maps . their seige units (Crsytal Seige, Azurian tank and war mammoth) take bonus dmg from enemy seige units like catapults.

Overall they are a pretty good race I find them a little overpowered when late or mid game hits and they will overun other units with decent tanky melee and high dmg seige units that are tanky verse melee and range but take extra dmg from seige.

Azurians - The New Faction for New Era Ta_kin10

The Lich King is here bow down mortals and make way for the undead sorreror
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Lord chris

Lord chris

Posts : 219
Reputation : 2
Join date : 2013-02-24
Age : 25

Azurians - The New Faction for New Era Empty
PostSubject: Re: Azurians - The New Faction for New Era   Azurians - The New Faction for New Era EmptyWed Oct 30, 2019 8:09 pm


The differences between these 2 versions is mostly power and units and costs.
2010 version seems more rush fashion than siege while units like Azurian knight are weaker they are faster.

Early 2000 version doesn't get the Azurian tank, War mammoth or Fortress Golem. now the do get a decent archer T1 a new tower called the Azurians tower, a few different buildings like iceberg and cartop.

Pandoras hand cost 40k instead of 9k and is strong but takes longer to get the huge long range aoe (mana build up of course).

The play more like Zhon and Aramon a rush style fashion in turn makes them weaker overall to new counters. as I said about 2010, weaknesses since this version is more rush their units are not tanky and they do die faster than the 2010 they no longer have their good tanks and mammoth and towers also cost more. the Sorcerer now builds the snowballer, Crystal Golem, Azurians drake instead of the T2 building that is called the Sacred ruins. The monarch also gets acid rain witch is a aoe attack but he still has the aoe mind attack.

The god is also different called the wild mind so less on Pandora lol.

So in sort the Early 2000 version is geared to rushing and they rely on getting units to the front lines at least now. If I had to guess witch is the better version I would say the 2010 is a much better version, but they both fill different roles.

Azurians - The New Faction for New Era Ta_kin11

The Lich King is here bow down mortals and make way for the undead sorreror
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Azurians - The New Faction for New Era
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