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 Through the Looking Glass: Taros 3rd Party

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Through the Looking Glass: Taros 3rd Party Empty
PostSubject: Through the Looking Glass: Taros 3rd Party   Through the Looking Glass: Taros 3rd Party EmptyWed Jun 16, 2010 10:37 pm

This, the third evaluation series, will concentrate on the Undead and Demonic forces of Taros. I had actually planned to do them last, but since I am going on month 7 of unemployment with no end in sight... I've discovered some additional time and interest. Taros has always been, to me at least, the most balanced of the races in terms of Air, Sea, and Land. Of course, their 'Sea' forces are rather non-existent, but given the potentially destructive power of its air... well, the lines become blurred. So with this idea of one of the best balanced races, I am going to embark on the usual seek-and-find of worthy 3rd party units. However, since there have been plenty of units made for Taros which were eventually folded into Tyrak, I'm going to ignore those for the most part.

Disclaimer: Here I will be taking a look at 3rd party creations for the Taros race and giving my impression, both personal and objective, of said creations. I will try to make it rather fun, informative, and light-hearted. Any criticism is welcome, but these views are my own, for good or ill.

I hope in this way to determine which of the plethora of 3rd party units are really worth keeping around in the long term. Again, these are just personal opinions and - since I don't know who made any of them, or if those people are still around - it is nothing at all personal towards those developers. Now... let's get started!
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Through the Looking Glass: Taros 3rd Party
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