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 CWG suggestions

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Lord ZacDom

Lord ZacDom

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CWG suggestions  Empty
PostSubject: CWG suggestions    CWG suggestions  EmptyMon Jun 03, 2013 10:08 am

The name implies this topics purpose

Feel free to rant about your CWG ideas and improve on other ideas

They will be communicated with the DE communists and everyone everywhere. even japan
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CWG suggestions  Empty
PostSubject: Re: CWG suggestions    CWG suggestions  EmptyMon Jun 03, 2013 10:08 am

heil JAPAN!!!


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CWG suggestions  Empty
PostSubject: Re: CWG suggestions    CWG suggestions  EmptyMon Jun 03, 2013 7:37 pm

CWG = Clan War Game

So, here are my suggestions...

* We should have a way to determine the kingdom each player is going to use in a Clan War in order to ensure variety, fairplay and add a little more of strategy without complicating the rules too much. Also, for the same reasons and by the same criteria, we ought to have rules solving number of players issues. Because of these, I suggest the following:

* There are 5 type of coins;
1] Aramon Coins (with the face of Elsin).
2] Veruna Coins (with the face of Kirenna).
3] Taros Coins (with the face of Lokken).
4] Zhon Coins (with the face of Thirsa).
5] Creon Coins (with the face of Garacaius).

* Each Clan starts the game with 5 Aramon, 5 Veruna, 5 Taros, 5 Zhon and 5 Creon Coins.

* Each square (or piece of land, or map if you prefer) must be purchased by paying 5 Coins of the same type (5 Aramon Coins or 5 Veruna Coins or 5 Taros Coins or 5 Zhon Coins or 5 Creon Coins). After the purchasing, that square gains the respective crest of the coins used and marked accordingly as Aramonian, Tarosian, Verunan etc.

* Each Sunday, every clan always gets 1 Coin of each type, plus 1 Aramon Coin per Aramonian square owned, 1 Taros Coin per Tarosian square owned, 1 Veruna Coin per Verunan square owned, 1 Zhon Coin per Zhonian square owned and 1 Creon Coin per Creonite square owned.

* Attacking other Clans: Once per week a Clan can attack an adjactent hostile Clan. When a Clan attacks a square of a hostile clan, the attack must be declared by an adjactent sqaure owned by the attacking Clan. The race used by the defending Clan must match the crest of the attacked square while the race used by the attacking Clan must match the crest of the square the attack comes from.

* The attacker has to pay 2 Coins matching the crest of the sqaure the attack comes from in order to succesfully attack. Normally, the battle is 1v1. However, both the attacking Clan and the defending Clan may pay 1 Coin in order to include another member of their clan (or Mercenary?) in this battle, up to giving 4 Coins and including 4 players in their side. These Clan mebmers will participate with the race matching the type of the paid Coin. Of course, the type and amount of Coins paid will be posted by both sides before the battle occurs.

If you have any questions about this, please ask. I can give examples of it. Wink

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CWG suggestions  Empty
PostSubject: Re: CWG suggestions    CWG suggestions  Empty

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CWG suggestions
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