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 Original multiplayer scripted map: King of The Hill

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Original multiplayer scripted map: King of The Hill Empty
PostSubject: Original multiplayer scripted map: King of The Hill   Original multiplayer scripted map: King of The Hill EmptyMon Jan 27, 2014 3:36 pm

Original map's description:
Up to four players try to become the king of the hill.  The winner is the player with the most Swordsmen at the top of the hill after ten minutes.

Just a 10min (or 5min in +10) script. It's a CD map (original cavedog map).

No need to download it's a map/script that comes with the game, you can see it through skirsmish or multiplayer anytime. But there's a downloadable .kmp version (you can see it in Cartographer map editor, from C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms\cartographer.exe) thanks to OMW: KOTH.kmp

You can check it even on singleplayer, especially if you use rammstein's addon available in www.alltakdownloads.6te.net


I'm not script maker, but I think this is all you need to know:
You start with 2 barbarians, 4 archers, and 2 veteran watch towers. 1 swordsman is spawned for you each 4s.


Quote :
Single elimination tourney with the script:

It's a 1v1 script tourney, but it's not like a 2v2 script tourney with the same map can't be done (anytime). Even though it's a fair tourney, don't be scared!  Wink

1v1 anyone msg me. keyON1e:
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Original multiplayer scripted map: King of The Hill
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