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 Solaron guide

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Lord chris

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PostSubject: Solaron guide   Solaron guide EmptyThu Mar 10, 2016 5:37 am

hi guys been along time well wanting to make this guide of solaron before barden change it (sorry is i miss speeled your name bro).

Alright, solaron

This faction of 3rd party races is a maged based one its main focus is mid to late game focus as its early game is one of the weakest in the game as they are somewhat mana hunger when starting out.

Monarch- this guy he is pretty strong if i would say slightly stronger than elsin if not better. he has a no cost lighting ball, a mortal type meteor, and a small aoe throwable wave. the wave range isnt that huge so he cant just throw it and you cant see him at all. decent about of health.

when playing as solaron you have to rember one thing they have no early vision and to an experienced player can take advantage of this so its best to be pared up with anthor faction or get a builder so you can get vision. anthor thing to rember is that solaron is mana hungery early and has no T1 towers but there builders can attack and do decent amount of dmg. your main focus when playing solaron is to get to T2-T3 units and the T2 tower as it gives alot of range and do decent amounts of dmg. when you get T3 building i recommend you get either the skeletal mage or the Elemental Lord as they are the 2 best Solaron units in the game. Skeletal mages do to there 2nd attack witch is a tracking spell that appers as alittle flame and when it hits pops out to be a decent size flame that does alot fo dmg and can kill most T1 units with a single hit even at low ranks and at high rank (gold) he does dmg. Elemental Lord when he gets gold he can spam his rock attack and he becomes immune to monarch waves (atleast when i had him i never seen him take dmg from a monarch wave so if you get something different then well)

How to play Solaron
Early game
you want to be passive and try to get as much mana as you have no T1 towers and your builders take time and alot of mana to build and they build loadstones slowly you will mostly have to rely on rangers and your monarch to defend and get your T2 building.

mid game
you want to keep a steady flow of rangers at this point you should have your t2 build (or a few of them up) making raptors or shines i personally prefere raptors as they are basicly your Fire demons. and you will be getting your T3 build or your T2 towers up and running as you should be ok since you survived the early game from help from your ally.

Late game.
Be making your elementals for what you want to try to do.
Light elementals for fast attacks and small wave clearing (they have crap health).
Fire elementals they have good aoe spells and can stay in the back line and do alot of aoe dmg( crap health).
Black knight they are mages with horse they can do alot of aoe dmg and get out if almost caught/ killed( Decent health)
Space elemental they are basicly base clears like you drop them and they do huge amounts of wave dmg to bases use them if the enemy is held up or trying to turtle you can roc drop these sisters to there load stones and watch **** get real be aware they are very very slow so its recommend you transport them ( i have seen there aoe attack sometimes not or or either crash the game so becareful using them also they have crap health)
Skeletal Mage good over all ablities you will mostly be using its sun flare ablity as it has a pretty huge range and does alot of aoe dmg.
Elemental Lord you will mostly be trying to get him to gold as fast as possable once he hits gold he is one of the best units in the game. note he doesnt take monarch wave dmg (from my playtests) but hes still weak to other units wave so dont think you can send him in to a group of firemages, witchs, acoyles ect... that can aoe and expect to live he can still die.

Factions that work best with solaron.
Aramon- good early defences and good late game power can protect solaron early.
Veruna- Good early game fighting decent late game power Solaron can give veruna the air unit tracking they need with raptors.
Taros- versatile fighting style can help solaron early and taros plus solaron combo = pain.

Factions not to pick solaron vs.
basicly solaron most of the time cant fight the otak races early huge mana cost and rangers doing little dmg. you would have to micromanage your mon alot. no sight early so you will be blind until you get to T2 and can make pheonix (3 unit limit) and your towers.

all in all solaron requires an ally to get going. but once they get going to have pretty decent mid to late game units, alot of ranged spells and decent wave clearing you will have to rely on your ally for help and if your 1 v 1ing hope your enemy doesnt do alot of early aggresion on you.

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Solaron guide
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