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 Clays Maps

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PostSubject: Clays Maps   Clays Maps EmptyThu Mar 25, 2010 1:05 am

Last night Clay and I were talking about remaking some CD/DC maps. He mentioned Alchemist Glen, an oldie favorite. I was completely against the idea as I thought he was "butchering" it.

Well we played it this morning.

The way he laid it out and "extended the scenery" and not put "extensions on the scenery" was genius. I was very impressed.

His other map we played wasn't as good, but it was still an 8/10. That's outstanding as far as most third party maps go.

We're talking about trees, rocks, buildings... basically a satellite image of one of the four kingdoms. The way maps were meant to be built.

All I can say is the maps he made were not only well thought out, very versatile, but beautiful to play on. I am looking forward to a map pack from him if he puts this much effort into all the maps.

**As a foot note, I've seen several people mess up one of my favorites into a 2v2 - Adamantine Gate. I'm inspired to try and correct their "****' ups :>
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Clays Maps Empty
PostSubject: Re: Clays Maps   Clays Maps EmptyThu Mar 25, 2010 2:08 am

To be honest the Adamantine Gate 2v2.... was probably also mine. If it had 5 starting mana and multiple ways to get on that hill. Although thats an old one. Can't say all my ideas were good.

But I'll put a map pack together in due time.
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Clays Maps
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